BSE & ‘T Gaepent Gat – Suzuki Junzo & Sajjra live at Radio Patapoe

On june 11th, 2015 Suzuki Junzo came to do a live performance in the BSE studio

, during the ‘t Gaepend Gat radioshow on Radio Patapoe. You’ll hear Patrick of Geapend Gat, and Frankie Vis for BSE doing the talking.

Suzuki Junzo’s minimalist, languid and occasionally chaotic spin on acid blues and free psych themes are work worthy of reverence and 7 does little to dispel their soul-frazzling impact. The frenetic Guillotine For Meditational Feedback Loop scrapes away at the skin with torrents of distortion and fret-worrying as Takahashi Ikuro (LSD March) rattles off lithe, stuttering bursts of percussion, but this only serves to set up a sense of expectation, quickly torn down; what follows are displays of blooding melancholy (Koroshi-Mitsu Kurui-Mitsu), energized psych-noise (the fiercely kinetic A Certain Killer’s Key) and countrified bliss (The Moon of Montezuma). This is not only one of Junzo’s most immediate and unpredictable collections to date but it’s also an earnest record of his skill, songwriting finesse and soul. -David Bowes on ROCK-A=ROLLA MAGAZINE.


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