BSE 29-12-2015

Last show of the year (besides the performance in OCCII @ HappyNoiseYear on NY eve), also marked the 3rd anniversary of BSE on Radio Patapoe.
Starting off with Seerp and H.A., throwing in Bruce Lee’s hits and screams, Meisjes met rode haren, Normaal’s Oerend hard, and not in the least jij daar in de radio by Hank B. Memphis. Kacik, aka Diepool, came in to fiddle the Korg Preset, but luckily Bouk aka BAHK entered with his Octatrack driving us an everything else crazy – amazing fuckups and crushes from this machine, seen in the accompanying pic.
Diepool re-entered with his own toy. Driving all crazy in another way.
After he left again we went on, and on – throwing in some of the hitsounds of the year – The King, some Voyager sounds, animals, some interviews (around 3:30), some breakcore elements – culminating in some very drunk comments in the last half hour – memory breaks up in this area.
Anyway here’s another 5:40 hours of mixed up noise & soundscapes for you to enjoy.


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