BSE 5-1-2016

Seerp started off this one, with (a) Storm raging through the studio with his friends. Some noisified Savage Republic (Tragic Figures) can be heard throughout the first hour – honoring their performance in Occii that was taking place simultanously. After half an hour H.A. joined in (coming for Occii). (a) Storm was screaming through Optimus Prime. Some rhythms, some Korg drones went in – (a) Storm’s hands feeling up the toys and feeding the noise. Bouk/BAHK came in with the Octatrack, promising a modest input (true for a while). Kamiel entered after SR was really finished, bringing in some subtle sounds into an otherwise sometimes violent mix. Resulting also in some fine waves of collab – with the five of us surfing the waves of the feedback streams. Then after most had left, this one ended with some true violence – where did that come from? – luckily not heard too well (unless you turn up the volume in the last 30 minutes of the show.
So here you go – over 4 hours of what? Noise?


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