BSE 12-1-2016

Seerp and H.A. were accompanied by Shoko Nagamachi – again moving into a long long session, diverse as ever. The opening hour was underlaid with the soundtrack of The Visit, a documentary exploring the preparations by scientists and governments for the inevitable arrival of alien lifeforms to our planet. Fascinating stuff. Meanwhile a parade of the dead was set up with of course good old Bavid Dowie, including the assf*ck of the Paay, and Jackall Mackson with his unworldly grunts. Panorga kicked in. Shoko going crazy on her toys. After dead power she had to make do with whatever was there – leading to some new discoveries of the potential of our stuff. She brought in her voice, screaming into our beloved Optimus. She took out her cute little doggies, who frantically started operating the computer. And Remon zippo came by, gave us some screams and the presence of Shabu the dog – who refused to bark today. Lot more happened of course in this 8 (!) hour creative madness – try it!

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