BSE 26-1-2016

Busy situation in the studio, with:
Frankie Vis on samplekeyboard, voice
Shoko Nagamachi on computer (little bit), voice, flute,
Peter Quistgard on various new selfmade instruments, like a mutilated gamecontroller and a box full of springs
BAHK came empty-haded but did a good job on the Panorgan
hellAsh joined Shoko on the flute, and threw in some backing tracks
And there was H.A. on the mixing desk, feedback and some iPad-TC sounds
And all of us swarmed the studio for other sounds. Such as a squeeking chair (which by now has fallen apart totally), some Amsterdam Huilt by the old-times postwar folkstar Zwarte Riek, who died recently at the age of 91.
Loads of crazyness in this 4 hour session, listen and enjoy!


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