BSE 2-2-2016

Charis (hellAsh) and Frankie Vis joined Seerp and H.A., making this a full BSE session.
Frankie dived into his mixer with no-input, putting the noise in overdrive from the start. Charis was preparing for the noise-part of his Greek tour, making his little suitcase explode into the mix. Seerp was handling the Panorgan pure as well as totally crushed through the Oto Biscuit. Some oldschool paperdrum inserted itself, and the dead-singer phobia developed further with some references to bavid dowie (some old interviews), zwarte Riek, rats kuch en bonen (Lou Bandy, killed himself in the 1950s). At the end some slime mold started occupying the studio. Scarier than shit. Eating its way. Feeling curiously at home in the studio. We might try hiring it for a studio-cleanup.
So here you go, 5 hours of noisy adventures. Luister of sterf!


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