BSE 9-2-2016

Seerp, Frankie Vis and H.A. in the studio – with Frankie testing out his freshly made suitcase for travelling Visshow. It needed some finetuning and connection-optimizing some of which proceeded on the fly during the show. While Seerp was doing his thing making the Panorgan waltz and fly, loads of bleeps and rattles flew through the studio. There were some new and old deaths to be celebrated and musically buried. Good ol’ Eddy Wally enlightened us with his totally absurd ‘Guantanamo Baai’ and ‘Waterboarding voor iedereen’. Joe Alaskey also left the living, leaving us with the voices he made for Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and Jerry’s Tom. Excellent food for the meatgrinding feedback machine. And older deaths jumped in, Armand still moaning ‘het heeft toch geen enkele zin…’. Frankies mic totally mixed up, his mixer in overdrive, rattling and squeaking, leading all to a different space.Leading to a 4’30” stream of diarrhea with loads of small and large tasty chunks. will you take it in?

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