BSE 16-2-2016

Kutwyv came to add some terrornoise with her weirdo lcdmachine to the mix tonight, along with Frankie Vis & his ever-evolving suitcase, Seerp on sometimes heavily bitcruched panorgan, and H.A. on the feedbackmachine & TC. Some new deaths were celebrated, burying their music and words through the meatgrinder. Vanity, famous for her Nasty Girl with Vanity 6, did a beautiful job, as well as her later religious fanaticism – hearing her looking back at her sex, drugs and other sins was an utterly joyeus experience. Boutros Boutros passed on as well, represented by him being interviewed by Ali G. And there was Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut that was in space actually, and truly believed in UFO’s and life from outer space.Frankie threw in his voice, H.A. explored good ol’ Monotron Delay (hear the brainpenetrating squeek go on too long). Beeps and churps all along. on a base layer of harsh bullnoise, accompanied by keyboard lines and chaos.So here’s 5.5 hours of noise for your brain

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