BSE 23-2-2016

H.A. solo on this one, making it an all-feedback thing with input from just the TC-pad. Sounds stacked and layersed into some kind of minimal noise. In came Gustaaf, a Radio !00 from days gone by, storytelling without a mic. Then inserting some screams, even some polish cries for – what? I don’t know. What I do know is another visitor took out his didgeridoo clicked together from his little bag. Sound was big though, filling the waves with some nice vibrations and sounds. Longstretched landscapes of dark doomy fogs of bassy bubbles. Gustaaf threw in his voice with this, a two-snares-left balalaika with a contactmic as receptor. Balalaika’s snares coming into view after of course. So anywat still a crazy night.
Over four hours of crazy night, with a seemingly meditative 30min. silence somewhere near the the end. Find the silence!


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