BSE 1-3-2016

Another long one with Frankie Vis wildly operating his suitcase, while H.A. diving deep into the feedback. Frankie throwing in the bright and clear analogue sounds, heavily distorted by frantic knobtwisting and mic-intraption. H.A. stacking little sounds into harsh walls of brokenup harsh noisy diarrhea. Long waves of screaming and plucking, split open by explosions of violent eruptions. About 2.5 ours into the show our friend with the didgeridoo adds his dark vibrations into the mix. more waves to engulf us. No samples this time around, for several reasons this kind of meaning seemed irrelevant this night. Some distorted drums seemed to bring in some rhythm but ultimately didn’t – tsunamis of distortion and screaming feedback-waves broke it into a sometimes very psychedelic mix of highs and lows in discongruent masses of remnants of beats and waves. The synergy promises some interesting upcoming Halvis gigs.
in the end, 5.5 hours of beautiful noise is hat remains. For your pleasure.


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