BSE 15-3-2016

Seerp, Charis and H.A. were on call this night. Charis with his wall of soundz, Seerp on the accordeon – that had to be picked up by a bearcan with a contactmic by lack of a working mic. H.A. doing the feedback, mixing in some of the recent deads – Vanity was there, everlasting Armando, and more. The Visit came by, making us wonder why we’re all here. Leading to loads of borderline in various forms. Some silence came appeared, the talking unheard (same lack of mic). In came Pieter, inserting his didgeridoo into the contactmic’d guitarlike instrument that never can remember the name of. Cacaphonics all the way!
All this good for over five hours of noise. Dive in and cleanse your mind!


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