BSE 5-4-2016

Seerp, hellAsh, Havan on this one – Remon Zippo can be heard humming through optimus to Seerp’s accordeon sounds in the very beginning, but he was pretty soon knocked out by extreme intake. A new dog appeared – is patapoe splitting into more? Charis used the feedback on his guitar producing some fine tune going into overdrive, ending in a nice noisy nutness. The free radio WebSDR was researched, thanx to some guys at Of course hellAsh opened up his labyrinth of pedals and receivers to produce his cacaphonic wall of sounds of hell. And Ash. Seerp and Charis joined to make a nice piece for accordeon and guitar, beaten up by good ol’ Bruce Lee, strengthened by Optimus. Surveillance took over some time. Visits by the visit and our friends in the mosques of Istanbul made it into the mix. Overlaid by some minimal, some harsh noise – all the while pushed by the energy of breakup and breakdown. Ga Door said the aed.
So go for it, dive into almost 4 hours


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