BSE 19-4-2016 pre-SOTU

Busy night, as we celebrated the last pre-SOTU party in the studio, having some friends and artists over to play along or just be there. We did a two-studio-interplay session. In studio 1, there was God’s Wil extending his weekly one-hour live session, there was PGR (IT/NO) doing his electronic noise thing. Later on BAHK joined them, pushing out cut-ups and beats and crazy sounds from the Octatrack. In studio 2, Seerp was on the organ, Havan on the feedback trip, and Kutwyv joined with Error instrument digit cruncher. Frankie Vis joined in later, on the mic. Some curious people hopped in see what the hell was going on, some really digging it. Beautiful drones and full-on noise walls cam from both sides, crucching the toilets, the whole basement filled with the occupying forces of improvised noise.
The sound here is the mix between both studio’s, some sound of only BSE-studio will be available.
So take it in, four hours of freedom for your mind.


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