BSE 3-5-2016

Charis and Havan started up this one, beginning with some oldschool sounds stacked to noisy hights. Charis blew in his sounds at high power. Due to some tuning in the studio some things were slightly unbalanced. Some genuine radio came in from the websdr – voices, music, weird modulations. Vanity complained again about her druggy sexy past. After about 80 mins Frankie dropped in to operate the minisampler, combining it fruitfully to he oto biscuit producing some nice noisy waves. Charis screamed out through his pedalchained mic. And he trew in some breakcoary rhythms. Some nice classical singing thrown in and broken down into the beat. To end it all of course the rot op patapoe jingle was mingled.
What it all led to – over 3.5 hours of noisy shit. Clean your brains!

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