BSE 10-5-2016

Full house in the studio, as the whole BSE team was there pushing their limits – Charis, Frankie, Seerp and Havan also had company, Kutwyv terrorizing the soundwaves, after having already done so in God’s Wil’s second hour of Het Programma. She was clearly inspired, as we all were – diving right into our strongest spots: Charis on the mic (as mic as well as as percussion), lightsensors – all through his exquisite production line of chained pedals and and fucked up toys. Seerp going wild on Panorgan and oto cookie, Frankie on the mic doing some excellent mumbling and screaming and imitation-german crazyness. And swarming through the studio giving all present toys a treat. Kutwyv on the 7digit – breaking it up, tsking it down and continuing with some new(?) toys. Meanwhile Havan stealing everybody’s sound, growing terror through the feedbackmeatgrinder. Intense it was – 6 hours of sheer madness. Unfortunately the last hour was lost forever due to the techshit.
Still, here’s 5.5 hours of the stuff we love. The start is slightly undergained, but after 15 minutes you’ll be more happy about the volume.

Want to feel the vibe? Come by on a Tuesday. Wanna make some waves? Bring your toys or your voice!


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