BSE 17-5-2016

BAHK/Bouk, Seerp and Havan took off on a wild journey through space and time, vibes raging through the studio, scaring those not knowing, involving to the greatest depths those inside the waves. Octofeedback ruled the waves. Deepest whales cherished in the skull of no man’s wandering soul for ever roaming the streets and the fields and the brains alien to this world, this space that fills the ever expanding depths of space into the oblivion of coffee deepest black as knight to waken the soul. 666 screams the dick ever pulsating ejaculating mice and man, women and children first to conquer the depths of space, fuck you and you space you not real you just in the head what’s left outside the head the belly the stomach absorbing all scheisse of the world for the heavens that hell through your skull eyes cut up by vomiting monkeys going out through the windows the door ever closed shut to the eyes of those unknown not know never be sure don’t judge who are you to judge put some points and commas, make the point 5hrs


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