BSE 24-5-2016

Frankie brought in his ever-evolving suitcase, squatting hellAsh’s space so when he arrived was left with some empty space somewhere else – soon filled with some mic-y screams and shamanistic howling. As Frankie got up steam, producing the most beautiful sounds and of course buckets full of horrible noise, hellAsh got some device hooked up and challenged the suitcase. Meanwhile Havan as ever stealing sounds, producing some as well on his touchy finger devices. Leading to great heights in the noisy department. All of this going on until the small and then growing hours. A 4 hour session of beauty and horror.
The fckd up thing however – only the first 40 minutes were recorded. The rest of it lost forever somewhere between the mixer and the bloody cloud. Blame it on the tech-bullcrapscheisse.
What’s left however is at least some beauty – pity about the steamy part. So if you don’t want to miss out – come to us, the studio being the right place to consume this experience anyway. Weekly.


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