BSE 30-5-2016

On the eve of Zastavia Noise Fest International, Sevoice in the fucked up mix, erp and Havan did a mondaynight session, planned @ home but executed in he studio. Full-on testing of the Slovenia set-up. Optimus through the oto, . Tube of lsd in the pocket that was lost. We loose all the time do we? Put down the gain, this stuff is too loud, for digitizing devices and consuming ears, total destruction of biological warfare – peace be happy in the evertwirling vastness of spatial mixing of the craze of your in the brain in the brain of who? what? where? will we ever know? actually, really know, know like the know the nature the nature of things are they things are they real do they disappear by partying do they disappear by pills by mortality rates going crazy non down the lucid way of merry-go-round.
So that’s it. Zastavia here we come. Almost three hours of shit in the brain of the beholder. Good luck.



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