BSE 14-6-2016

So there he was, Havan – all alone in the studio. Preparing for a lonely adventure doing the slow european free radio tour? Anyway, while Lucy was showing off her diamonds, some real radio times appeared in numbers from all over. Feeding in, feeding out. The aed came by – intincing us ‘ga door!’ to keep on going inside the machine. ‘het is veilig de patient aan te raken’ after the shock ‘opladen..’ splattered out of the feedback. There was the infamous neverending snoooore going into slowmotion down to deep streched out basses, filling up the sound untill all resolution was finally totally eliminated. Bang! came the demolition crew, hammering into the snore to what? WAKE HIM UP? Debris falling, binaural sines demoralized by mixers cracking up, breaking the endless wave of countersilence, a hole in wall filling finally with queerky yayasynthy sounds again breaking into a deep bassy overflow, silence coming and going, finally hitting full-on after some 4 hours.


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