BSE 28-6-2016

Seerp and Havan on this one, long time since they were there as duo. Starting problems included difficult build-up after 4 Losse Flodders and Havan’s still broken and useless mixer. And the Patapoe was broken, resulting in only 10 minutes recording of the first hour. They were the first 10 minutes, so not much good – skip those and you’ll arrive at the good works, Seerp going wild on his little noisy thing on the android, slowdown furbies nagging, loads of hissing with unclear origin, Tsjernobyl alarms, Alphen’s screams, while Havan whose energy level was at the lowest due to the recent flodders, was making it all break up and down in the feedback. Still they made it to a three hour session, of which only two were saved for the archive. The last half hour slowly dying away, while Havan did another couch test in the neighbouring Patapoe studio.
So there you go, 2 hours of something for your brain.
Try it on a sunny sunday!


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