SlowEuro: BSE on Stubnitz, Hamburg

At Stubnitz there was the first show on this leg of the Slow European Free Radio Tour.
There was no audience in the basement, just the sole soul of Havan. Intending to stream the performance live through Radio Patapoe (before 10, Action Radio slot). This proved a hell – to connect to the stream (not succeded) as wel as connect the audio to streamercomputer (minijack-hell). So – in the end – it wasn’t only without any audience, even without sound had to make do with headphones but with an enormous heat, damp with the lack of air down in the ship. A horrible experience it was. Buildup continued into the show, damned cables cracking up, sweating into the mixer – so yeah, hell descended onto earth to stimulat the noise, the guaranteed-not-to-disturb-the-neighbours gig that some neighbours long for. So please help me out, play this one as loud as you can, disturb your neighbours, I miss them!


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