SlowEuro: BSE on Radio Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen

So this is how it goes: find the place, take in the advice to come back tomorrow, Stephen will be into it. And yes! Stephen enthousiatically welcomed the stranger and immediately said yes, and gave him 45 minutes of actual airtime (yes, patapoe back in the days…). All this went so fast the notification preceded the actual fact by just a few minutes…But here it is, 45 minutes of noise from the Copenhagen gutters where tourists still drown. Of course the was the fight with The Syssstem (the one shitty computer that won’t actually die, but is getting better and better at pretending to be dead), there was the fight with the cables (increased quality though, thx to God’s Wil) – but yes, the meatgrinder took it all in, mangled it and spitted it out in truely indigestible format – inspiring now-friend Stephen to whisper in some messages and dance around the studio having the waves come in rigth through the top of his head…So…be like Stephen, say yes and take in the waves!


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