19-11-16 BSE @ L’Embobineuse, Marseille

BSE at Bruitisme/MultiMARS joint venture at L’Embobineuse in Marseille. On November 19th, 2016, Havan Hees, playing solo as BSE, was a bit surprised to not find his iPad in the bag – it had disppeared in the turbulence of Marseille’s energy (a.k.a. stolen). However, there is a recording – but is it BSE?

At L’Embobineuse in Marseille, on november 19th, 2016 there was the merger of Bruitisme and MultiMARS. 12 hours non-stop noise. As Havan unpacked his gear, one of the main sound sources was not in the bag, it disappeared in the turbulance of Marseille’s extreme energy. Having just minutes to build up (non-stop is non-stop, after all). In the chaos that followed, some sound came out, nicely undetermined and quite unbalanced – improv to the max.
Same chaos caused there to be only the MultiXXX recording, dug up out of one of the few non-lost harddisks. So this may well be the recording of BSE – perhaps the most abstract of them all.
The set itself is only 3 minutes – an hour of silence was added to comply with mixcloud’s policies.


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