22-11-16 BSE in Dataplex @ Radio Galère, Marseille

BSE with Nothing, in Dataplex show by Damien on Radio Galère, 88.4FM Marseille

After MultiMARS ended, Havan stayed around Marseille for a bit, and had a chance to perform live at Radio Galère, in the show Dataplex presented by Damian. Dataplex, dedicated to resistance musicale, has some interesting stuff, the archive at http://www.radiogalere.org/station/ar… is well worth some investigation.
At 9m45 there´s an interview with Havan about Multiversal, the Marseille edition MultiMARS specifically, and about some of Havan´s recent adventures on the road.
Then at 31m01 there´s the BSE performance, BSE being Havan Hees together with Alain who presented himself as, well, nothing. Nothing is certainly not what he contributed to the sound. He played good ol´ BOSS Dr. Sample and added some beautiful drones. Havan, having most of his equipment either stolen or broken, had to make do with phone, a kaospad and a mixer. Some live police radio came in, some broken plugs & wires, loads of distortion. Turning it into some very nice loungy noise.
Search and listen, highly recommended for pre-sleep meditation!

09:45-18:19 Interview
31:02-45:46 BSE/Alain Nothing


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