BSE 29-11-16

BSE on Radio Patapoe, November 11th, 2016: MultiDAM edition

Multiversal team was in town for the MultiDAMn! Festival, .Radio Patapoe was part of it, with “het programma” and “BSE” hosting the following people: (unfortunately the last 2 hours where gone due to streaming issues…as usual!)
Gods Wil – feedback chain
Gàiba Riva/Minothi Kristiansen
. Paolo Gàiba Riva – electronics
. Morten Minothi Kristiansen – electronics
IJIN – guitar feedbacker
Goblin Shark Experiment
. Onur Baskurt – drums
. Giray Gurkal – electric guitar
. Cagri Erdem – electric guitar
Keller / Kırgız
. Beat Keller – feedbacker guitar
. Uğur Kırgız – trombone player . no-input
Korstad Langås/ Arikan/ Khota
. Kenneth Korstad Langås – feed back guitar
. Görkem Arikan – electronics
. Reza Khota – guitar
Rastrejo – electronics
. Konstantinou/ Solli
. Marius Solli – drums
. Charis Konstantinou – clarinet, bass, guitar, noise
Frank Vis solo – electronics
Toztizok man
William Nurdin solo – electronic

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