BSE 21-2-17

BSE on Radio Patapoe, Februari 21st, 2017

This one with Frankie Vis on magic suitcase, and Havan on feedback and some gadgets. Frankie’s suitcase was in another next stage, with some really nice ultra-effects affecting not only voices and analogue under- and overcurrents splashing into unfollowable intense waves, but also the voices of all, Frankie doing some of his talking and mumbling, reciting from Amsterdam resistance history, havan with some confused talks (were they stories?), and some guest-rapper going high on the multimanipulations of vocal input. Afte all others had left the premises, your regular supplyers of confusion and trips to otherworldly toilet basemenst kept it up (down?) with all kinds of signals in the mix – some radio talking away casually, and tr**py exclamations aout who’s first, and other algothythmic nonsense fed into the meatgrinder that really performed nicely in this mystery night.
So go for it, 3.5 hours of mud and diarrhea. Through your ears. Into your mind. Eat it.

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