BSE 28-2-17

BSE on Radio Patapoe, Februari 28th, 2017

Rumble in the jungle, as in diarree in the kelder. Havan starting alone, seemingly not having enough of fakeT’s unaugur, but after some half hour or so, in popped Hein. Then Bauk. Then Frankie. and altogether now – fightinh for volume, pushing up the gain, terrorizing surrounding concrete with a sub so broken, so trembling it would make fukushima sink down the rabbithole so fast middle earth won’t see it coming and will demise in a cesspool of pepperspray and unmounting shit covering the inner heat of planet earth to make it go pop in Etna spitting out the shit into our seemingly upper-world, saucing us all up with shing layer of..what..making the sun look in its own shine making it explore making the final war of the planets of the apes, like a manic prez confused over being bullied shooting back every ultrasubuntruth into the concentrice standing waves of oblivion.
Just so you get and idea what not to expect. All of that in 3 hours and 40 minutes. Try it!


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