BSE 7-3-17

Havansolo in a cloud of abstract algorhythimic 8beats swarming in waves through the bassment . voices floating on and back in the bunker untill everything is ovewhelmed by interrogarion – i did not have communications in the dark cellar undermining youngsters playing ball with the russians mining for palmstress infected and wiretapped broken monotron no delay for investigation no no knobs for delay into the misty deep and high looping into donuts into moebius 7 living planets only 50 lightyears in seconds cause we depleted, we resisted untill the oilspils buring in the river for a new turn on history bullshit why. on and on till the break even over the edge, falling floating falling into the abyss chainsaws around your head screaming for attention twit! you lose. control of your sensuality in violent waves of bass and hiss tearing your ears suddenly shots  fading into hiss all is hissstoria 99 character left only 30 minutes into it can you go on? Listen. Over three hours of brainwash


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