BSE 14-3-17

Triple fun this night, with Frankie on hisever-evolving magic suitcase, Charis on his collection of electronics and some feedback and contactmics, and Havan on feedback and phones.
Unfortunately original text for this has flown out of the box of terror into the cloud of clips and blown away. Beautiful night it was though, blasting waves of broken-up low-fi into the filthy basement appropriately. Hitting of with slowly stacking some little sounds, into another attempt at producing a jingle, succeeded as ever, screaming it into the blast. Sounds of amateur radio (I’m flying!), voices from Frankie and some guests that, besides daring to come into our terror-house, became inspired by the sheer magnitude of the rolling over of their output into the tsunami of diarrhea spilling into our scared surroundings. Atomic bullshit and flying horsemen…For 3.5 hours of brainterror and cleansing waves, clean it, liberate yourself!


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