BSE 28-3-17

Boris and Havan were on a total space trip this night. Boris unpacked his mighty wooden boxes and clearly had some spacy wavy in his head that needed to get out. With his clear analogue sounds he proved a perfect match for Havan screeching high-pitched feedbackwaves. Some lengthy samples (The Visit was of course visiting again to celebrate the space-environment), loads of bleeps flowing into the meat ginder, some live amateur radio, more analogue beauty – miracles stumbled over each other to climb to some culprit never seen in the sheer stinking darkness of out little hideout in the basement – reaching up and up banging flying heads into the concrete ceiling melting the sound totally overdoing it for the da-converter that starting spitting diarrhea back into our merciless beats and grinds. Then, thinking the out of spacing was penultimate, in comes famous ‘some guy’ grabbing the mic to go all the way into his his own space accompanied by himself and the waves coming back…Giving an over 3.5 hour shot into the unknown. Can you deal with it?


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